Shrimp Cocktail de Kylito's


(Another staple of Kylito's kitchen. This is so easy and can be done a hundred different ways. The ingredient amounts do not have to be exact so just use your best judgement and have fun! Feel free to use cilantro, but it doesn't appear in this recipe because Kylito's wife hates it! However, this is your shrimp cocktail, so just follow your heart and stomach!)

Shrimp Cocktail de Kylito 

Cut Shrimp into 3 pieces per shrimp. (Think layers here.) Put 5 pieces of cut up shrimp in bottom of schooner. top with 1/4 of a diced Avocado, a few Cucumbers, Green Olives, & Green Onions. Squeeze on some Lime, and cover with Kylito's Salsa. Repeat process for another 2 layers and top with remaining ingredients. Garnish with a celery stick, lime wedge, and a whole shrimp. Serve with chips or crackers. Or.... just eat with a spoon! 

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1 Beer Schooner (empty) 

6 Shrimp (large, deveined, cooked)

1 Kylito's Salsa jar of your choice

1 Avocado small

1 Lime

1/4 C Cucumber (diced)

1/4 C Green Olive (diced)

1/4 C Green Onion (finely chopped)

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